NEW gluten-free Blueberry Chex

NEW gluten-free Blueberry Chex

Ok, so a few days ago I came across this months $1.00 off NEW gluten-free Blueberry Chex coupon. After picking up my first box and using my coupon. I had to tell my friends about this experience. Now to you, this may be your first time. It has come to my attention with this box of Blueberry Chex that I obsessively tell my friends about every new product I try. Who would have guessed? Not me! Came as a shock that I shared so much. I have been holding back. Ha-Ha. With that said, I have been encouraged to start writing reviews for these awesome finds of mine. Perhaps then maybe I won’t be so enthusiastic about selling or warning my friends about them. So, there is the short story on how this blog got started. A one dollar coupon, some blueberries and great advice from friends.

Now back to this box of Blueberry Chex.

This is my first experience with one of NEW gluten-free Chex trilogy of flavors. I had a $1.00 off coupon for the blueberry so I chose to start there. I was excited about the new Blueberry Chex because I am a huge fan of anything blueberry. I didn’t waste anytime breaking open this box and eating a few handfuls of cereal. If you want a healthier alternative to blueberry muffins without killing your cholesterol or diet plans, I suggest you check these out. The only thing is they lose their crunch fairly quickly once milk has been poured so you have to eat them right away. The Blueberry Chex does have a heavy after taste when consumed without milk.  The heavy taste didn’t detour me from going back for more. Speaking of milk, the milk turns blue. Kids will like that.

Surprisingly each serving only has 6 grams of sugar, which is less than I expected after tasting the cereal. Being gluten free the carbohydrates are more complex and do not spike my blood sugar levels (they are digested more evenly).The fact that this is gluten free is just an added bonus for me. I even tried Blueberry Chex mixed in with my morning yogurt. That was a win win!

What bummed me out is how quickly I ate it! If you get the chance and especially if you’re a blueberry anything fan, go get you a box of NEW gluten-free Blueberry Chex.

Speaking of cereal, what is proper cereal etiquette when eating it dry? What container would be the proper vessel with which to serve dry cereal at breakfast? Perhaps that’s a whole other article. Things to ponder. Till then I will just stick to the Ziploc baggie.

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