Traveling & American Airlines

Traveling and American Airlines

Yearly millions of people either for business or to head out on a vacation. Personally choosing an airline is simple for myself when I head out for a flight. American Airlines has always provided great pricing along with really great customer service. They have around 270 destinations here in the United States and abroad. They fly into many smaller airports allowing shorter driving distances. I read somewhere that they get a new plane every week.

All but a small handful of my flights have been on time and seating was correct. Only a few times during bad weather has a flight been late taking off. Every flight has landed on time for me, so far. If you are looking to be entertained on one of their flights, I saw over 150 movies to choose from on my last flight. Older Boeing planes are also sometimes lacking in entertainment options for customers.

The bad.. Often I fly with valuable electronics and other items I would like protected. American Airlines does not seem to have the ability or options to upgrade the baggage liability on checked baggage.

Sure every airline has issues from time to time but in my experience American Airlines comes through. I once had an issue with a seat upgrade on flight change due to bad weather. One quick call and they did their best to clear it up and gave me a bonus gift card for my troubles. One more perk to America Airlines is they have great credit cards with benefits! On your next flight check your local airports for American Airlines, check out the rates and schedules. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

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